Channels Medical Solutions has its origins in 2001 as part of Inala Technology Investments. Our humble beginnings were based on medical equipment repair and maintenance. Over time, we introduced new products as part of our growth. In 2003, we were appointed as Cadwell distributors in South Africa. The market was ready for a new EEG, PSG and EMG offering.

The very first Cadwell EEG and EMG systems supplied by Channels Medical Solutions are still in operation after more than ten years of hard labour.
The Cadwell product offering was expanded to Intra-operative Monitoring, Ambulatory and Lab based EEG and PSG equipment. The range is completed with LTM, cEEG.

We complement our Cadwell products with a comprehensive range of EEG, EMG, PSG and IOM consumables and accessories, including Ten20, Nuprep, Collodion, Electrodes and EMG Needles.

In 2004 we introduced the DeVilbiss Healthcare range or respiratory care products, including CPAP, APAP, BiPAP, Suction, Oxygen Concentrators, Nebulisers and more.

Over time, we introduced more and more products to address the growing need of our customer base.

Recently, Vapotherm and Flowrest products were introduced. These high flow oxygen therapy devices have proved to deliver on the promise of high flow humidified oxygen therapy.

Our Values

  1. Caring for our customers - internally and externally
  2. Integrity in what we communicate and in what we do
  3. Ownership and responsibility of and for our contributions
  4. Excellence is what we strive for in every aspect of the business

Our Vision


Within the bounds of our Values, Channels Medical Solutions is on a journey to be the partner of choice of global players to distribute healthcare solutions to our partners in Africa.

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